Synthetic Mulch

A thousand reasons to use it

Eco friendly

It is completely non-toxic, it doesn’t emit any matter on the ground or air, it doesn’t deteriorate and it resists to heat.


It lets the ground breath and it doesn’t hinder humidity by drying rapidly.


As a result of previous manufacturing, it can be recycled instead of being wasted.


Storms or strong wind can not move it easily.


It protects the ground from heat and bad weather, it repels mold and fungus which damage plants.


Despite atmospheric agents, it is resistant and it doesn’t loose its colour.

GreenGum is Art

Irina Korina‘s installation view for Space Force Construction
(13 May – 25 August 2017), V-A-C Foundation, Palazzo delle Zattere, Venice
Courtesy of V-A-C Foundation
Photo credit: Delfino Sisto Legnani

The best material for public spaces

Our synthetic mulch is the perfect element for private and urban forniture. It is also required for public park and gardens: it softens collision with the ground, it repulses bugs and it needs no maintenance.

Various uses, a thousand possibilities

Synthetic mulch can be used to make gardens more colourful, decorate flower vases, secure places and parks for children and take care of plants.

Discover our products

Synthetic Mulch

It is perfect to create attractive out-door surfaces in accessible flowerbeds and gardens; it is a substitute of common organic mulch.

What is GreenGum Mulch®

Synthetic Mulch Rolls

In a short time, you can have a mulch carpet with no effort.

GreenGum Rolls®


We realize mulch and resin pouring to create a compact surface which has anti-trauma properties required for parks, equipped areas, paths and itineraries for people with disabilities.

How to make a GreenGum flooring


Our last creation is ‘Rainbow Colours’ Coloured Ornamental Mulch: it is available in 16 different colours and various perfumed essences and it is suitable for long-lasting floral decorations and compositions.

How to use GreenGum Deko®

Edges for flower beds

It is perfect for flower beds, sidewalks and paths. It will be easier to cut the grass and you will not have to struggle with weed.

Where GreenGum Edges® are used

Plant rings

Protect your plants and flowers from temperature leap and weed without using chemicals.

GreenGum Rings®, Why?

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