GreenGum Mulch®

For what concern aspect and use, synthetic mulch is similar to the traditional one with the exception that it excludes all the inconveniences caused by natural mulch. It is resistant and compact and it doesn’t lose its colour despite the exposure to atmospheric agents. GreenGum Mulch keeps away mould and bugs and it dries fast; it maintains the same aspect both in summer and winter. It is isolating and allows the water to flow guaranteeing, at the same time, the humidity necessary to plants. It is made of eco-friendly materials and it is completely recyclable. Thanks to its low maintenance needs, it can be a original solution for urban forniture like flowerbeds, green and recreational areas, traffic circles, shopping centres, parks and gardens.

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Anti-trauma flooring

We realize carpets and anti-trauma surfaces perfect for parks and children areas. Our floorings are pleasant, functional and safe. There are many available colours and shapes, they can last a very long time without crumbling or losing colour. We use non-toxic and eco-friendly materials: our creations represent a definitive solution for municipalities, public institutions and associations that aim to ensure public areas respecting the environment.

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GreenGum Deko®

Free your creativity with new synthetic coloured mulch GreenGum Deko, available in 16 different colours and perfumed in various essences. You can give a new style to floral compositions and enrich the aspect of a vase plant. Coloured GreenGum also protects the plant from temperature leaps and bugs.

Available in these colours

corteccia colorata greengum Nero

corteccia colorata greengum Rosa

corteccia colorata greengum Giallo

Rosso Ferrari

corteccia colorata greengum Lilla


corteccia colorata greengum Rosso Mattone

corteccia colorata greengum Rosso Bordeaux

corteccia colorata greengum Arancio

corteccia colorata greengum Verde Muschio

corteccia colorata greengum Verde Chiaro

corteccia colorata greengum Blu

corteccia colorata greengum Azzurro

corteccia colorata greengum Bianco

corteccia colorata greengum Marrone

GreenGum Edges®

GreenGum Edges are easy to install and the perfect solution to delimit flowerbeds, paths and green areas. They gives a more tidy and pleasant aspect to the location, facilitate grass cutting machines, and prevent weed and bugs. GreenGum Edges are elastic, long lasting and they have no maintenance needs.

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GreenGum Rolls®

Our idea is a soft roll of synthetic mulch, easy to spread out wherever you want to create a carpet for pets or a safe area for kids. GreenGum Rolls are highly draining, hostile to mould and bugs,long lasting, and they dry fast and maintain their colour!

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GreenGum Rings®

GreenGum Rings are made to protect plants from temperature leaps and facilitate grass cutting around trunks. They allow water to flow through and create a natural obstacle against mould and without using chemicals. They are easy to install around plants and they can be adapted as to let plants grow.

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